Questioning the Integrity of Major League Baseball Games


You just can't make this stuff up. The regime change for the Mets can't come quick enough.

If you thought that hen the Steve Phillips sex fiasco era ended, change was for the better, take a look back at the PR nightmare knowns as the Omar Minaya era.

  • Tony Bernazard ripping his shirt off and challenging a minor leaguer to a fight.
  • Adam Rubin vs. Omar Minaya
  • Minaya flying to the West coast to fire Willie Randolph in a hotel room
  • All the medical misdiagnoses (forcing Carlos Betran to take things into his own hands)
  • K-Rod beating the crap out of his girlfriend's father.

SNL writers work all week every week to come up with this type of stuff.

And now the Charlie Samuels saga. But is there more here than just a clubhouse attendant gambling on football games?

This weekend we found out that there are now questions about Samuels' relationships with Mets players as it was revealed that Samuels received a $50,000 tip from Jeff Francoeur when he was traded to the Rangers. $50,000? What "services" do you provide for someone that tips you $50,000? Francouer was only with the Mets about a year, how good of friends could have they become?

It seems that almost by the hour, there are now new reports of exchanges of money or barter payments in lieu of lost / winning wagers or "tips" that are coming out. One of the most bizarre reports is that Samuels received a Lexus from Mike Piazza after winning a bet about how much weight Piazza's father could lose. I'm pretty certain that Weight Watchers doesn't do that if you make your goal weight.

Then there is K-Rod. Why did Samuels gave K-Rod a place to stay after he was ordered to stay away from his home following the fight with his girlfriend's father? The Mets didn't pay Rodriguez enough to rent a hotel an apartment or a house? Was he just being a good friend or was there something else going on?

Ok, I'll come right out and say it, was Rodriguez throwing games? Were they betting together and making a fortune? Sounds crazy right, but with more stuff coming out each day, the possibility of such activity can't be ignored. The mob gets to the closer and oops, a blown save?

Did I say the mob? Yes I did. This one will knock your aunt Connie's socks off. There are reports that Samuels may have given inside information about the players to members of the mob too. Oh boy, this could get ugly......

So now all the current and former players FOR THE LAST 27 YEARS will be questioned as it may turn out that some could have been involved in a gambling ring. Take a look at where some of the lives of those players headed after their playing days with the Mets. Would anyone be surprised if they found out Lenny Dykstra was trying to make some extra money (not accusing - just saying)?

Can you imagine if there are indictments? If there are, surely this wasn't contained within the Mets locker room. That would be like saying only Canseco, McGwire and a few Oakland A's were the only ones that did steroids. Guys who played in that Oakland clubhouse went on to play in clubhouses all over MLB and look what happened. (BTW - isn't it ironic that Sandy Alderson was the GM of that Oakland team?) Why would this be any different?

Can you imagine the Black Sox scandal but league wide? Going on for years? Who knows what might turn up, the investigation is just getting started! We could have the "Watergate of Sports" on our hands!

If you thought that steroids were a black mark on the history of the game, you haven't seen anything yet. Stay tuned as it looks like there will most certainly be bigger news story than following the 2011 MLB Free Agent Tracker each day this off season.- Mike Cardano

Mike Cardano is the founder of Around the Horn Baseball & Xtra Point Football.

Email Mike at or follow him on Twitter at MC3SportsMedia

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