Putting Tomasz Adamek vs. Eddie Chambers in Perspective

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On June 16th at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey former light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek (45-2-1 with 28 KOs) will face former heavyweight title challenger “Fast” Eddie Chambers (36-2 with 18 KOs) in a battle of former Klitschko victims.

In case you missed it, Adamek fought the older Klitschko (Vitali) last September in Tomasz’s native country of Poland and while displaying ample heart, was thoroughly embarrassed in front of his countrymen and stopped in the 10th round. To make matters worse, Adamek fought a moronic fight choosing to remain at the end of Vitali’s long and powerful punches rather than closing the distance and attempting to land his own shorter punches, thus nullifying Klitschko’s in the process. As talented as both Klitschko brothers are, they are not exactly Riddick Bowe on the inside.

Chambers fought younger brother Wladimir in March of 2010 in Wlad’s home turf of Germany and was knocked out with seconds to go in the final round in a fight that he was losing in boring fashion. One might ask: 'Why would two former Klitschko knockout victims facing each other be worth watching?' The answer is simple and cliché: because styles make fights.

Both Adamek and Chambers are around 6’1 with a 75 inch reach and their average weight for the past five fights has been roughly between 215 and 220 pounds. They each bring decent speed and quickness to go along with tremendous heart and toughness. Anyone who questions either man’s heart is worthy of being admitted into an insane asylum! Both guys have consistently stepped into the ring with men that outweighed them by 20 to 40 plus pounds, not to mention several inches in height and reach. If that doesn’t take nuts and guts I don’t know what does.

To add what was stated earlier, both men will be looking to climb back up the ladder and position themselves for another title shot against one of the great Klitschkos. A loss will lead to falling a couple more rungs further down the ladder, so the stakes are very high. This, of course, almost always leads to an intense battle because as we all know boxing is more mental than physical. Neither fighter possesses prodigious power,  so barring something unusual or unfortunate (such as a head butt or bad cut for example) the fight will almost certainly go some rounds.

Adamek rebounded from his loss to Vitali with a unanimous decision victory over journeyman Nagy Aguillera last month. Chambers rebounded from his loss to Wladimir with an easy unanimous decision over someone named Derric Rossy. So, they both...

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