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What is the Knicks' Next Move? Carmelo Anthony?

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First blog post in awhile. I’m still processing “the decision” and will have something to say about it, but not yet.

Instead I’m going to focus on the next star the Knicks may be chasing: Carmelo Anthony.

We’re all aware that ‘Melo and his wife have flirted with the idea that ‘Melo wants to play in New York City. He has an offer for a 3 year – $65 million extension but he hasn’t signed it yet. I don’t know anything, but in my opinion he doesn’t want to stay in Denver. The team is on a downward spiral like the Cavs were before LeBron left and he knows he can’t win there.

LeBron left Cavs with nothing and the Nuggets might not want history to repeat itself in the Centennial State (I looked it up). After “the decision”, I’m not willing to put any faith into the notion that some hero will on arrive on a stately steed, the grace of the Gods reflecting off of his glistening armor. The notion of Chris Paul and ‘Melo joining up to return the Knicks to glory seems to me, after “the decision” fiasco, rather quaint.

However, it does seem that Donnie is maintaining some cap flexibility while also adding many marketable assets that can be used in a trade for Mr. Anthony or someone else. He just can’t use them right away.

For example, Ray Felton and Drako can’t be traded under the Collective Bargaining Agreement until December 15.

Also, the guys the Knicks just traded for (Amare – just saying, Azubuike, Randolph, Turiaf) can’t be traded in combination with any other player for two months from the date of the trade. So roughly the first week of September.

In other words, don’t look for any of the Knicks’ new players to be used as trade bait for a few months at the earliest. Of course, the Knicks can put together a package that includes their old players and trade those guys at any time, but then, they could have done that already if there was a market for them.


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