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Super Bowl Analysis: Well-Deserved Win for Packers

Final thoughts after the Super Bowl:

  • Congratulations to the Packers. All season they were one of the most talented teams.  They nearly as many injuries as the Colts did, and overcame.  The operative word there is nearly.  After the bye week, the Colts lost four games by a total of nine points.  The over the same span, the Packers won 5 games by a touchdown or less, including three in the playoffs.  Would one more injury to a key starter have sunk the Packers?  What if Woodson had gotten hurt last week instead of almost half way through the night last night?  What if Dallas Clark or Austin Collie had stayed healthy all season.  How many more games would the Colts have won?  It's a razor thin league and the line between winning and losing can be one player wide.
  • The pain of losing last year didn't fully set in until last night.  Watching the Packers almost blow that game brought back painful memories. 
  • Aaron Rodgers is 'the best quarterback in football' the way Drew Brees was the 'best quarterback in football' last year.  He had a marvelous season and post season, but such titles are bestowed so easily now, that they also don't last very long. The reason the phrase, "Put him up there with Manning and Brady" exists at all is because those guys do it EVERY single season for 10 years.  Rodgers played wonderful football, and may well go on to dominate the league for a decade, but my guess is that next year people will move on to the next schmoe who flows and he'll be cold product.  I'm done quoting rap now.
  • Mike McCarthy was a mess last night.  He's an awful game strategy coach, and he did his best to keep the Steelers close.  He coached that game EXACTLY like Caldwell, and it drove me nuts.  His QB is playing as well as anyone ever.  So explain to me why he chose to run out the clock on the first half?  With :40 and a timeout, the Packers could have run at least one pass play. The Steelers had only one timeout, so if the Pack had run a pass play and it went poorly, then they could have just run the ball to end the half.  Why be scared?  I know a pick six could turn the game, but don't you have to trust your QB at some point?  That lost drive almost cost Green Bay a Super Bowl.  His challenge was stupid. His punt inside the 40 was beyond stupid.  He won a Super Bowl, so he's bullet-proof now, but he almost cost the Packers.  He's awful and the last guy I'd ever want to coach my team.  It wasn't just last night, it's a pattern with him. 
  • Green Bay was clearly the better team, but and the Steelers kept it close. It was a valient showing for them in a loss. Roethlisberger was horrible last night, and he cost his team a title.
  • I hope Rodgers enjoys his title. The odds are long he'll ever win another.  I know that sounds crazy, but if you had told people after Favre's first that he'd never win another, they would have been astounded.  There are more good quarterbacks capable of winning a title than at any point in my memory.  Rivers, Ryan, Bradford are all waiting their turn, not to mention Flacco and Sanchez who could win if the chips fell right.  Throw in the possibility of Brady, Brees, Manning (Peyton or Eli), or Roethlisberger getting another shot, and I haven't even stared on Vick or Romo.  Winning is hard, especially in a league with 12-15 guys who with a few breaks are absolutely capable of winning it all. 
  • The extra rest and the higher pick will do wonders for the Colts.  I expect Indy to be right back at the top of the league next year.


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