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Pryor a Traitor with His LeBron James Comments

Terrelle Pryor you have done nothing.  You have not earned the right to tell anybody what to do, let alone Buckeye Nation.  When you demand that Buckeye fans not boo LeBron James, it only shows how short-sighted and ignorant you are of the whole situation.  When you tell the world that LeBron James is your mentor, it only shows how shallow you are as a human being and how mislead you wish to be.

You are from Pennsylvania, not a true Ohi0an, and yet you came to Columbus to be a Buckeye.  We commend that.  We accepted you with open arms, we put up with your inability to grasp the offense during competitive years (every year for Ohio State).   We continue to turn a blind eye toward your selfish decision not to run more because you want to show pro scouts you can pass.

We put up with this stuff because you have talent, and in return you should show the proper respect for the fans, the whole reason college football exists and allows you a full ride.

In fact, your dragged out college decision reminds me alot of LeBron’s dragged out NBA decision.  You, of course, can get away with it because thats the recruiting commonplace within college football. The glorification of high school athletes. The courtship and schmoozing, the compliments, the divine comparisons.  It’s no wonder you would look to LeBron for advice and as a role model.

Let’s just hope you don’t have the same type of yes-men surrounding you as LeBron.  Granted you are no where near the talent LeBron was but I suppose in the context of college football, you are somewhat close.  I wonder what Coach Tressel thinks of your comments?  As a northeast Ohioan, I would think Tressel should put a gag order on you for at least the next five games.  Or maybe a muzzle would be better?

But Tressel will look past the bad behaviors of his star players.  He did so with Maurice Clarett.  I thought he had learned his lesson, but we’ll see.  Speaking of Clarett,  he also had an unhealthy infatuation with LeBron James.  One that caused him to challenge the NFL draft rule.  Clarett lost badly, and only now, after spending time in jail, is he beginning his journey of redemption.

The bottom line is that you are in no position to tell the people of Ohio what to do.  You are a student athlete on scholarship.  You play for this state, this team, this university.  We owe you nothing.  Never think for one second that any single Buckeye fan does because you are dead wrong.

Terrelle, you are not LeBron James, you are not even Tim Tebow.  The problem with you, Mr. Pryor, is that you obviously have no respect for anything.  You are just another star athlete who is disconnected from reality because you have been spoiled by the fans, coaches, agents, media, etc.

So it’s indeed ironic when the LeBron’s and the Pryor’s of the sports world make demands upon the fans, especially when they consider us spoiled. 

I’d never root against the Buckeyes in a win and lose situation.  But unless Mr. Pryor shows a little respect for Buckeye Nation, it’ll make me sick if he manages to win the Heisman Trophy.

This article was originally posted on LandLoyalty.


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