Will Terrelle Pryor be a Good NFL Quarterback?


We’ve never been huge Terrelle Pryor fans. He’s big and athletic, but he’s not our cup of tea as a QB. Sure, he’s a pretty good college quarterback, but we don’t love his accuracy and other intangibles at the next level.

But, who are we? Certainly not NFL scouts. But maybe we could be, because two NFL sources tell Rob Rang of CBSSports.com that Pryor would be making a huge mistake by entering the July supplemental draft. They just don’t think he’s going to be good in the NFL.

“He [Pryor] is a nice college player playing in a system that caters to his strengths “one source said. He’s a basketball player playing football, though, when it comes to the NFL. He’s not a quarterback. He doesn’t have the makeup, the release or the accuracy for it. And he isn’t one of those guys that you can make into another position. He’s going to run well and people are going to get excited about him, but he isn’t a football player. What you’ve seen at Ohio State – on the field and off – is what you get with him.”

Another source tells Rang that Pryor projects to be “a mid-round pick.” But obviously, neither of the sources think much of Pryor as far as being an NFL quarterback.

Maybe we could be NFL scouts after all. By the way, Ndamukong Suh will be a huge draft bust.


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