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Proof That Skateboarders Can Make A Ramp Out Of Anything (Photo)

Skaters are notoriously resourceful people. Give them a flight of stairs, and they’ll show you a launching pad. Give them a curb, and they’ll show you something to grind on. The skateboarding scene has almost made an art form out of transforming everyday objects into skating props.

That spirit of ingenuity continued in California this week after a 6.0 earthquake shook the northern parts of the state. The earthquake took a serious toll on many towns and cities in the region, and has left thousands of residents without power and water. But where city officials see damaged infrastructure, skateboarders see opportunity.

For proof, check out this picture NBC Bay Area photographer Jeremy Carroll snapped over the weekend of skateboarders in Napa. You say buckled street pavement, I say free ramp:

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