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Pro Cyclist Crashes into Woman During Race (Video)

Professional cyclist Johan Vansummeren accidentally crashed into a 65-year-old female spectator last weekend during the Tour of Flanders in Brussels, Belgium.

Marie-Claire Moreels was standing on a traffic island when the cyclists sped by.

Someone in the audience recorded Vansummeren's accidentally crashing into her (video below).

Both Moreels and Vansummeren were laid out on the street after the collision and, later, taken to a hospital, noted VeloNews.

“My situation is not my main concern now,” Vansummeren told the press. “I am more worried about the lady.

“I never wanted this to happen," added Vansummeren. "This could have been a beautiful day, but it turned out to be a nightmare. My thoughts are with her and her family."

Vansummeren was soon released from the hospital, but Moreels was put into an induced coma and has since undergone two brain surgeries. She is in critical, but stable condition.

"We don't blame Johan Vansummeren," Moreels' husband, Philippe Reyntjens, told Gazet Van Antwerpen, noted "It was an accident. It all happened so fast. He saw Marie-Claire too late."

There is now an investigation into the crash and how Moreels got into the middle of the race.

"Was the lady allowed to stand there?" asked the investigators' spokesman, Tom Janssens, in story. "Or was it the rider that made the wrong maneuver? We have to investigate all this, using the accounts of witnesses, the statements made by Mr. Vansummeren and the amateur video that you have probably seen."

For his part, Vansummeren plans to cycle in this Sunday's Paris-Roubaix race, which Moreels' family supports.

"Even better," said Reyntjens. "He could win and dedicate it to Marie-Claire."

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