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Pro Bowl Snubs: Cardinals, Seahawks, Rams, 49ers

Now that this year’s Pro Bowl rosters have been unveiled, it’s time to find out which player from each NFC West squad got left out. Unfairly, that is. Get ready to feel some serious indignation, folks. All five of you that care about the Pro-Bowl that is.

Arizona Cardinals, Darryl Washington: Washington not getting the nod just doesn’t seem right, even when you take into account that he was beat out by Navorro Bowman who is another very worth candidate. He is outdoing the 49ers linebacker in just about every stat, and has gained recognition this year as one of -- if not the best -- interior linebacker in football. At least he got a new contract for his efforts, I suppose.

Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman: Talk about a case of being guilty until proven innocent. Of all the players snubbed from this year’s game, none reek quite as much as this one. In the Seahawks’ current rampage he has 3 interceptions over 3 games, and 2 TD’s. He is tied for the league lead in passes defended with 23, is in a 3-way tie for 2nd with 7 interceptions, and is widely regarded as one of the best cornerbacks in the league. Back to the whole innocent-before-guilty thing... I’m sure all of us can agree, if his name isn’t dragged through the mud with this Adderall controversy he’s going to Hawaii.

St. Louis Rams, Chris Long or Robert Quinn: To be entirely honest with you, the Rams not having a single player in the Pro Bowl isn’t all that upsetting. A whole lot of good players on this team, but not many that I would consider great. If anybody was to go to Hawaii for the Rams though, I’d want it to be one of these two. Quinn has 9.5 sacks on the year, and Long isn’t far behind with 9.0. Far from elite numbers, but none too shabby either. If Quinn keeps up with his steady improvement, expect him to make the trip next January.

San Francisco 49ers, Jonathan Goodwin: With San Francisco being all selfish and grabbing 9 Pro Bowl spots, it is incredibly difficult to find anybody else they should be sending. As such, out of outrage regarding Jeff Saturday’s pick, I’m going to nominate Jonathan Goodwin for the Pro Bowl. Never mind his 75 or so fumbled snaps against the Patriots just a few weeks ago. He’s reliable other than that, I swear.


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