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Pro-Aborts vs. Yahoo Sports on Pregnant Olympian

The 2nd line of this Yahoo story is the kicker...

As with all curling teams, Team Canada features five members. Well, six, if you really want to get technical with it.

Alternate Kristie Moore, 30, is 5½ months pregnant, making her just the 3rd athlete known to be with child during Olympic competition.

90 years ago, Swedish figure skater Magda Julin won a gold medal at the Antwerp Games while in her 1st trimester and Germany's Diana Sartor took 4th in the skeleton in 2006....

Moore found out about her pregnancy weeks before team officials invited her to join Team Canada as an alternate. When she divulged her secret, the team was more than supportive. Said team leader Cheryl Bernard, "she is young and fit. There's no reason we'll have any problems, and she'll be out there."...

[I]t's unlikely Moore will see any Olympic action. During competition her role as an alternate is much like a backup quarterback in football....

Team Canada is the gold-medal favorite.... Even if Moore doesn't play, she will receive any medal Canada wins.

"Well, six, if you really want to get technical with it." Ew. Pro-aborts couldn't let that one go. Wrote MollzieD at

Thank you,Chris Chase at Yahoo! Sports for perpetuating the myth that fetuses are people and that they are capable of Olympic curling.

Actually, Mollzie, it would only be an ignorant person of Olympic proportions who would call it a "myth" that "fetuses are people."

Mollzie needs to retake 8th grade biology. Or maybe she hasn't taken it yet.


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