Premier League Peview: Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United and More

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Strange dealing, no, in England with the Premier League in full swing in the midweek as the January transfer window comes closing down.

We'll explore it more on Friday when I have a little more time to blog the night away. Right now I think I must still be asleep since Everton, hope you're sitting down, actually signed an actual player in the form of Nikica Jelevic from Rangers. If I'm not a asleep, I'm upset to see Vedran Corluka depart Tottenham for Leverkausen. (Sad face.)

For now a couple quick picks. Hope you have access to ESPN3 ... or other less legal options. I'm on a mini-one day vacation, so I'm out of the mix. Keep me entertained on Twitter.


* Swansea City v. Chelsea -- (Live, ESPN3, 2:45 p.m.) So long as Swansea can stay in the Premier League there's a chance -- in the next year or two -- the Swans could take on Chelsea's latest signing -- baby-faced 20-year-old Belgian midfielder Kevin de Bruyne -- on loan. Chelsea in-house youth product Josh McEachran can't even get a game at Stamford Bridge, so he's now at loan at Swansea. Are Chelsea fans upset, too, that Scott Sinclair never got much run in London, ending up as the talisman at Swansea? Until Chelsea do a full clear-out, doesn't seem like the young players are ever going to get a chance there. ... Swansea 1, Chelsea 1

* Tottenham v. Wigan -- (Live, ESPN3, 2:45 p.m.) Spurs were awful against Watford in the FA Cup, but won 1-0. That would do just fine against a life-support Wigan team. Surprised QPR would want to try to sign Wigan's Hugo Rolledega, considering he's not exactly a consistent player. Sure he makes a big play and stands out since he has a knack for the spectacular, but otherwise he's not much better than what the club already has. Of course, if you're Wigan and facing relegation, might as well sell parts while the value is high? ... Tottenham 3, Wigan 1

* Wolves v. Liverpool -- (Live, FSC+, 2:45 p.m.) Banana peels are yellow. Wolves home kit is orange. Be forewarned, Liverpool. Potentially tricky games like this is why you can't have nice things. Steven Gerrard looking great, though. ... Wolves 1, Liverpool 1

* Manchester United v. Stoke City -- (Live, ESPN2, 3 p.m.) United off a loss? That never bodes well, but the Red Devils defense is like that dude's face after encountering "Epic Beard Man" -- leaking. Tony Pulis probably sits home late at night playing "FIFA: Ultimate Team." He's not that creative, however, and basically throws out his current Stoke team but mixes in a Paul Scholes "card" from 2007. ... Manchester United 2, Stoke City 1

* Everton v. Manchester City -- (Live, FSC, 3 p.m.) Brother, can you spare two dimes. Alternately, there's an outside chance we get Bootleg Tevez vs. Real Tevez here. A man an dream. ... Everton 0, Man City 2


* Aston Villa v. QPR -- Hard to see a soccer team in England posting as epic a collapse as Villa in the second half vs. Arsenal in the FA Cup. Then again, when you have goons like Alan Hutton, Stephen Ireland and Richard Dunne in the mix, hard to feel that much sympathy. Don't want to write anything about QPR since it figures to be out of date in a few hours ... which of course leads to the widely unpredictable Dijbril Cisse. I like Cisse and he's not exactly ancient at only 30 years old, still despite his success in Greece topping the scoring charts for two years after leaving Sunderland he was a massive dud at Lazio lasting less than a season and scoring only once in Italy. Glad to have him back in the mix, however if only to Mario Balotelli a run for insane haircuts. ... Aston Villa 1, QPR 0

* Fulham v. West Bromwich Albion -- (Live, FSC+, 3 p.m.) Honestly, a 90 minute conversation between Martin Jol and Roy Hodgson and their wonderful accents might be more entertaining that this match. ... Fulham 1, West Brom 0

* Blackburn Rovers v. Newcastle United -- (Live, ESPN3, 3 p.m.) Guess Ronaldinho probably isn't coming to Blackburn. Love the personal protest by Christopher Samba against Venky's. Where else but soccer, maybe the NBA, could a player pout and proclaim he won't play ... when, after all, the club plucked him out of obscurity from Hertha Berlin a few years ago and made him rich. ... Blackburn 1, Newcastle 1

* Bolton v. Arsenal -- (Live, FSC, 3 p.m.) All aboard the Arsenal express. Next stop Bolton! Methinks the Gunners build up a bit of goodwill and let it all come crashing down in the Champions League in a few weeks. ... Bolton 1, Arsenal 2

* Sunderland v. Norwich City -- (Live, ESPN3, 3 p.m.) Of course Martin O'Neill would want to sign Kevin Davies from Bolton. Not the worst idea in the world with a guy with service like Seb Larsson. ... Sunderland 2, Norwich City 0

Last round: 4-6
Season: 104-119


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