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Preliminary Agreement Reached on 4-Team College Football Playoff

As of Wednesday afternoon, America is that much closer to finally getting a college football playoff.

According to ESPN, Notre Dame athletic director (AD) Jack Swarbrick and the BCS commissioners who had been trying to develop a workable, realistic postseason system for some time now, have officially endorsed a seeded four-team playoff model. This idea still needs to get a green light from the BCS presidential oversight committee but, presuming all goes as expected, it would end up replacing the current BCS system in 2014.

While details regarding how specifically this playoff would work remain scarce at the moment, sources have told ESPN that under the proposed plan, the four teams involved would ultimately be selected by a committee. That committee would apparently gauge teams’ worthiness based on strength of schedule and whatever other factors, and then make their decision based off that.

At least one conference commissioner, the SEC’s Mike Slive, seems to be a fan of the proposed model

"I am delighted," said Slive. "What's been terrific is how we've all been able to work together over the last few weeks on some difficult issues to get very close. There are some differences, some legitimate differences, but we will work them out.

"We're trying to do what's in the best interest of the game."

In a recent report, USA Today estimated that the annual TV rights for a new playoff system could bring in something in the $350-400 million range. With that kind of scratch on the line, you better believe there is a lot of incentive for all involved to find a workable deal.

The BCS presidential oversight committee is scheduled to meet and review this plan on June 26 in Washington D.C.

(Kudos ESPN, USA Today)

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