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Accusations, Controversy at Margarito vs. Pacquiao Fight

In the most highly anticipated bout of the year, Manny Pacquiao faced Antonio Margarito Saturday night at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

Many expected the match to be heavily scrutinized and tense. However, a lot of the tension centered on the pre-fight build up.

Apparently, according to multiple reports, Pacquiao’s trainer complained that Margarito took Ephedra prior to the fight. Ephedra is a banned stimulant. As a result of Roach’s suspicions, an immediate urinalysis was demanded by Pacquiao’s camp. However, the Texas boxing committee refused the request and said that Margarito would be subjected to a full drug screening after the fight, as is usually the case.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Margarito’s trainer Robert Garcia (ironically) issued a complaint about the way Pacquiao’s hands were wrapped. As a result of his complaints, the Filipino superstar had his hands re-wrapped and the commission ultimately approved it.

According to Top Rank president, Todd duBoef, both fighters have agreed to set the disputes aside and carry on with the fight as planned.


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