Police Use Pepper Spray On Ohio State Fans After Football Win (Video)


Police apparently used pepper spray on Buckeye fans who were celebrating Ohio State's 42-20 victory over the University of Oregon in college football’s first national championship.

After the game, thousands of young people poured onto the streets of Columbus, Ohio, on Jan. 12.

Ohio State troopers and Columbus police reportedly tried to push the partiers onto sidewalks to stop the celebration in the streets. A fire truck was also brought in to move people off the roads.

Columbus police then allegedly started using pepper spray on many of the party-goers, including a photographer from The Columbus Dispatch who filmed the incident (video below).

There were reports of fires being set on couches and in trash cans, but no arrests were made.

Thousands of young people headed to the Ohio State football stadium, but were met with pepper spray by SWAT and riot police, reports the New York Daily News.

Sources: The Columbus Dispatch, New York Daily News
Image Credit: Columbus Dispatch Screenshot


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