Police Found a Mere 29 Bags of Cannabis in Rio Ferdinand's Restaurant

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I’ve never been to Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant, but it sounds absolutely amazing.

Back in 2010, Ferdinand’s Rosso Restaurant was the place where Manchester United star Wayne Rooney allegedly propositioned a 20-year-old woman during a private dinner. That, of course, was right around the time he was embroiled in an adultery scandal involving his wife, a prostitute and the eyes of the entire world.

But finding 20-year-olds to (reportedly) proposition isn’t the only thing that Rosso is good for. It’s all good for delicious food. Just kidding – by all accounts the food there is terrible.

No, what Rosso is really good for is apparently being a storage house for cannabis. According to the Daily Mail, 29 bags of cannabis stuffed in a staff locker were found at the restaurant. The drugs are said to belong to a junior chef who, unfortunately, no longer works there.

The junior chef was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply and he no longer works at Rosso.

Sources said that Ferdinand was unaware that the drugs had been stored at his restaurant and police went there to look for the chef with a warrant for his arrest.

The class C drugs were stashed in snap and seal bags in the locker and a source said the chef had left the restaurant before the search took place.

A police spokesman said: 'At 4.15pm on Friday 6 January 2012, police officers executed a search warrant at Rosso restaurant on Spring Gardens in Manchester city centre.

As a result of the warrant, 29 snap bags of drugs believed to be cannabis were recovered from a locker in the staff area.

So for anyone in that area who was looking to score – sorry, no more Happy Meals.

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