Police Called to High School Football Game After Brawl


A high school football game in Whitehall, New York, was called off with six minutes left in the third quarter on Saturday.

Whitehall was leading Rensselaer 28-6 when Whitehall athletic director Keith Redmond asked referee Mark Cleveland to end the game.

There was a massive brawl during the second quarter and a Whitehall player was ejected in the third, noted the Associated Press.

After the game was called, state police told Whitehall players and their fans to stay at the field while the Rensselaer team left the campus.

“It’s gotten to the point where it’s unsafe for everybody to be out here right now,” Redmond told Glens Falls Post-Star. “The best thing to do at this point is to stop the game and call it for today."

“We’re only going to risk more kids getting thrown out, more injuries and something bad happening, and it’s just not worth it right now,” added Redmond.

Rensselaer plans to press charges against a Whitehall assistant coach for allegedly choking one of their players during the second quarter fight.

“We’re pursuing it, our superintendent has already called me, we’re meeting on Monday and going to Section II,” stated Rensselaer coach Joel Preston.

Preston also claimed that a racial insult came from the Whitehall sideline during the melee.

“I know they said something about that,” Redmond countered. “[Whitehall head coach Justin Culligan] and I looked at our tape, but I couldn’t see anything, but there was too much of a melee down there. I can’t comment on it because I don’t know; more tape would have to be looked at.”

“Rensselaer and us have always had a good, healthy rivalry. I’ve never seen their kids or our kids act like that,” said Culligan. “Neither side is innocent in this, both sides are to blame.”

Sources: Associated Press, Glens Falls Post-Star (Image Credit: Chris McKenna)


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