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NFL: Steelers Polamalu Out for Year?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the few teams that no one wants to face right now. Their defense is filthy and they will find a way to knock the piss out of you. It’s their thing.

However, that could all change if Troy Polamalu is out for any period of time. And a source tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, that the safety could miss the rest of the year after re-aggravating his strained right Achilles tendon.

However, the source thinks that he could still return for the playoffs. After all, he injured himself during the loss to the New England Patriots and has kept playing through it. The problem is that he tweaked it after his INT return for a touchdown last week against the Cincinnati Bengals.

If Polamalu is out, drastically change your thinking on the Pittsburgh Steelers. While they have a bunch of studs on the defensive side, it’s just not the same without him in there. Their secondary becomes incredibly ordinary.


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