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Podcast: Lakers Game 7 MVP Ron Artest 'Say Queensbridge!'

Less than 20 minutes after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics 83-79 to win the NBA championship, Kobe Bryant was announced as the NBA Finals MVP–and deservedly so. He averaged 27 points a game, and with the exception of Game 7, he kept the Lakers in every game. But the Game 7 MVP was clearly Ron Artest.

He played a team high 46 minutes, and he scored 20 points and had five steals. When none of his teammates seemed to be able to hit shots consistently, Artest picked up the slack admirably. And when Rasheed Wallace hit a three-pointer to bring the Celtics within three points towards the end of the game, Artest calmly hit an open three-pointer of his own to effectively put the game out of reach.

During this podcast, Ryan and Rashad discuss the great play of Artest, the rebounding dominance of the Lakers, the struggles of the Celtics in the fourth quarter, and Kobe Bryant’s legacy.

Download audio file (game7.mp3)


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