Plenty on the Line for Rashad Evans at UFC 145

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The MMA world only has to wait about four more weeks before getting to witness one of our sports' most heated grudge matches come to a head inside the cage.

Former teammates now bitter rivals, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Rashad Evans -- a former champion and perennial top contender -- are to meet in the main event of UFC 145 in Atlanta. Though championship gold is on the line, there are bigger stakes playing in the minds of both men.

In a recent blog penned for Yahoo! Sports, Evans made it clear what he'll be fighting for next month.

In one month, on April 21 in Atlanta, I'm getting my title back but, to me, beating Jon Jones up and proving I am the better man and better fighter is even more important than waking up the next day as a two-time UFC champion.

Everyone knows the history between us. Because this fight has been coming for a year I've already talked about it forever. And I know I'm going to have to keep talking about it over the next month so all I'll say now is that yes, it is very personal and, yes, this is the most important fight of my life for sure.

UFC 145 goes down on April 21 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

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