Playing for the New York Mets Can be Hazardous to Your Health


We’ve all heard about the jinx associated with being on the cover of SI. Apparently appearing on the cover of an EA Sports game has become a dangerous honor as well. You can now add to the list of dangerous sport honors, the dubious distinction of being placed on the MLB roster of the New York Mets.

It’s not bad enough that Mets players have to worry about actually getting paid or the fact that there won’t be anyone in the stands to watch them play, but becoming a Met now means that you will almost certainly become ill or injure yourself in a way that confounds the medical community (or at least the Mets doctors.)

It’s become vogue for Mets players to come down with illnesses or injuries having their playing status labeled as “hot air balloon“ totally up in the air, with no definitive treatment for the issue at hand and absolutely no timetable for a healthy return.

David Wright’s rib problem is par for the course. With New York eagerly anticipating the return of their best pitcher, Johan Santana, it just wouldn’t be right unless they lost their best hitter for at least some period of time. Ike Davis’ Valley Fever diagnosis (with no treatment prescribed) is just the newest ailment to hit the Mets clubhouse. The past few years at Citi Field have been filled with concussions, blood disorders, bone bruises and strained or torn muscles and ligaments of parts of the body that most of us didn’t even know we had.

One of our readers Alex from Lynbrook, NY wrote me this past weekend stating that he was afraid to go to see the Mets play because he feared that he too might become ill or get hurt. Sound farfetched? Maybe; but then again, maybe not….

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