Australian Rules Football Player Nathan Van Someren Kicked Out of Game Because of "Dangerous Hair"


Those crazy Brits. Here in America a professional athlete might get thrown out of a game for a dirty play or arguing with an official. Over there, something as minor as gelled hair can get you tossed.

Nathan Van Someren is an Australian rules football player in the Victorian Country Football League who enjoys wearing his hair in a spiky mohawk. This past weekend in the third quarter of a match, an umpire abruptly kicked him out.

"I was just standing there and (the umpire) came across to me and goes, 'I thought I told you you couldn't come on the ground'," Van Someren told Fairfax Radio. "I sort of just looked at him like 'what?' and he's like, 'no, I told you you couldn't come on the ground with that hairstyle, you have to go off'."

Co-coach Leigh Walsh said the reason given was "because his hair was too dangerous" and might have poked another player in the eye.

Van Someren said he has been playing with this gelled-up hairdo for three years now without a problem.

And the league said he can continue playing with it, saying the umpire wrongly applied a rule against such items as jewelry and protective equipment that could injure another player, according to a report in TheTelegraph.

"In this case it's probably been interpreted a little bit too broadly," VCFL umpiring general manager Gerard Ryan told reporters.


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