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Playboy’s Shanna Marie McLaughlin on UCF Photos

A few days ago Playboy model Shanna Marie McLaughlin made headlines when she posed for Axis magazine’s racy spread in the University of Central Florida’s football locker room. The photos included McLaughlin posing with items bearing the school logo on the little bit of clothing she had on, as well as posing with the football team’s helmet.

Shortly after news of the shoot hit the internet, the school’s associate director of athletics issued an immediate apology for allowing McLaughlin to pose for the pictures on school property.

Today, McLaughlin did an interview with The Tony Bruno Show where she discussed the reaction she's gotten from the controversial magazine spread. The good people at Sports Radio Interviews were kind enough to put together a transcript of some of her responses.

On if there is outrage over the photo shoot:

“Apparently. This is kind of come about really, really suddenly. I am surprised that it’s getting so much attention. It’s really bizarre… I would think that whoever approved it would have done a little bit of research with aXis Magazine.

For August, they always do a feature on UCF incorporating some kind of football theme. It’s kind of given what it’s all about since all of their covers are pretty much the same. I’m kind of just surprised with the administrations reaction to everything.”

On seeking permission to do the photo shoot in the locker room:

“I mentioned to them, the aXis guys that it would be really cool to if we were really able to utilize UCF or the locker room because they have not done anything like that before. They went to get the approval or whatever.

I was taken out of that situation. We were in the locker room for a good couple of hours. I mean the photos were very tastefully done. I don’t think it was anything crazy by any means. I don’t know where the miss connect for communication was, but apparently there is one.”

On if the school should have to apologize for the pictures:

“I think it’s really ridiculous. With my experience in Playboy and everything like that, I just wanted to kind of go back to my local aXis magazine which I did a cover shoot for them before Playboy. I just wanted to show some school spirit.

They were really supportive with my whole thing with Playboy. So it was just something fun that we were going to do and I had no idea that it was going to get this much attention. For them to really apologize like there was something terribly wrong, I’m just dumbfounded by the whole thing. I am just so surprised that it’s getting this much attention.”

And on if the outrage has anything to do with being in Playboy:

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I was in Playboy. I mentioned that I was a Playboy Playmate and that we’re here in the UCF locker room. The two were definitely in the same sentence.

I think that the parents at least of some of the UCF students are concerned that their school is being represented this way. I think it’s a really positive thing. It was not done poorly in any shape or form. Everyone is over reacting with this thing… I’m not saying that I know anything, but I’m sure that’s not the worst that that locker room has seen.”

You can find the entire transcript as well as the audio for the interview HERE.


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