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Plans Of Having Los Angeles NFL Franchise Has New Spin

Conversation about having an NFL franchise in Los Angeles is nothing new. It seems plans to build a stadium and move an NFL franchise to the West Coast’s largest city are brought up and then quickly forgotten once every couple of years. Yet again, the idea has resurfaced, but this time the plans are a bit different.

There are rumors stating that the NFL is interested in owning a Los Angeles based stadium for a franchise. The NFL and other teams would split the revenue earned from the stadium. However, this poses a huge problem. The team who plays in the NFL’s stadium would have to act as a tenant and would lose out on the revenue that is sent elsewhere throughout the League.

The NFL has had a few teams spend time in Los Angeles. The Rams played in Los Angeles from 1946 to 1994 before moving to St. Louis. The Chargers spent a year in Los Angeles in 1960. Lastly, the Raiders moved south to Los Angeles in 1982 before moving back to Oakland in 1994.

The NFL has grown steadily without the help of a Los Angeles team. It is the No. 1 watched sport in the United States and Commissioner Roger Goodell already intends on having an NFL presence in London, England. Surely, the NFL would not mind a team in Los Angeles as well. The city is one of the largest markets in the country and the NFL would certainly draw major revenue from having a team in Los Angeles.

The question becomes, who would want to move there? The Rams and Raiders are always mentioned when a team moving to Los Angeles is up for debate. The Jacksonville Jaguars have also been included in recent discussions.   

The NFL will not be short on fans if a team is brought to the country’s second largest metropolitan area. However, a Los Angeles NFL team may simply turn into nothing more than talk once again.


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