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Plane Flies Over Penn State with Banner: “Take Down the Statue or We Will” (Photo)

About a minute after Louis Freeh’s report reaffirmed what we already knew regarding Penn State’s culpability in the Jerry Sandusky Sex Scandal, everyone’s attention switched over to what’s truly important about this whole mess: whether or not some dead guy’s statue should be taken down.

Sure, innocent kids got molested. Yeah, those kids have had to live with the shame and embarrassment of what happened all their lives.

Okay, we could spend our time looking around and seeing if any similarly horrendous acts are occurring elsewhere. (They inevitably are.) But we’re not going to.

Instead, we’re going to spend days debating whether or not a dumb chunk of metal should or shouldn’t be permitted on a campus that’s dealing with actual problems right now.

It’s incredible that we still don’t get what this story is about.

Just in case you need an example of just how much people don’t get it, some clowns in airplane provided the world with a fresh illustration this morning (via The Big Lead):

Remember that ridiculous riot Penn State students staged in the aftermath of Joe Paterno’s firing? The one where they terrorized their own community to protest something that was eventually proven to be the prudent thing to do? Well, this is that, only from the other side of the spectrum.

Dumb extremism can come from both sides.  

Perspective, folks. It's really great.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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