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NFL Analysis: Steelers to Steal Super Bowl Win vs. Packers?

The latest X rant......from the RotoExperts, 'Xecutioner'

I believe the Stealers will win the Super Bowl, because of the way they match up with the Packers. Once they instantly stuff the Green Bay Packers running game and start hitting Aaron Rodgers often, the Packers offense will become more predictable and easier to defend. The Pack has not faced a defense anywhere as formidable as Pittsburgh's in recent weeks.

And if the game is close, Pittsburgh will be sure to get a favorable flag thrown for them. I call them the Stealers, because ever since the Immaculate Reception, it has been apparent that when there is a close call in a big spot, it goes Pittsburgh's way. Anyone who doesn't bleed black and gold sees the truth. Never was the officiating bias more apparent in Pittsburgh's favor than in Super Bowl XL, when the Stealers were aided by the zebras on at least three prominent occasions against a Seattle Seahawks team that was clearly the better squad and was outplaying Pittsburgh and was the best team in the NFL that year. Even on film from the Super Bowl, you can see Ben Roethlisberger's teammates saying he did not get in the end zone on his rushing score. Heck, Roethlisberger himself even admitted he thought he didn't score on David Letterman.

Last season, the Baltimore Ravens disputed a game-winning score against them because a false start call was missed by the refs. This season in one of the most controversial finishes of the year, two Miami Dolphins recovered a late-game goal-line fumble by Roethlisberger, but the refs said there was "inconclusive evidence" that a Miami player recovered the ball. Miami was denied a fumble recovery and the Stealers kicked a game-winning field goal. Typical of many, many plays in recent years that have favored the Stealers. The unspoken rule must be, when in doubt, defer to black and gold.

Hopefully, the Pack wins this game comfortably. Because as we all have seen, if it's close, flags are yellow, which is part of the Stealers color scheme.

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