Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 Schedule: A Quick Review


By Joe Munley

Rob and I have decided to prognosticate on our respective favorite team’s season based upon the newly released 2012 NFL schedule. While exercises like this are laughable at best this early in the year, what fan doesn’t pick the schedule apart & decide whether or not their team has a shot at it all come fall? So, April or not, here’s how I see the Pittsburgh Steelers season shaking out*:

Week 1, 9/9: Steelers at Broncos

The Steelers will not be playing Cover Zero against Peyton Manning, and they will show up looking to make a statement. I think Peyton will need a few weeks – at least – to shake off nearly two years worth of rust. Steelers win. 1-0

Week 2, 9/16: Jets at Steelers

The circus comes to Pittsburgh in Week 2. Sanchez or Tebow? Who cares? Steelers win. 2-0

Week 3, 9/23: Steelers at Oakland

How many years has it been now that analysts have made predictions for the Raiders upcoming seasons with this lead-in: “IF Darren McFadden can stay healthy…” He won’t stay healthy, AGAIN & the Steelers own Carson Palmer. Steelers win. 3-0

Week 4: BYE

Week 5, 10/7: Eagles at Steelers

Okay, now I’M going to sound like one of those annoying analysts… If Michael Vick is still healthy by Week 5 I see the Eagles catching the Steelers napping coming off the bye week. Eagles win: 3-1

Week 6, 10/11: Steelers at Titans

I think the Titans will return to playoff form within the next two seasons, but they don’t have enough to beat the Steelers yet. Cortland Finnegan has gotten under the skin of the Steelers during the last few seasons & he’s gone now… Roethlisberger will torch this secondary. Steelers win: 4-1

Week 7, 10/21:  Steelers at Bengals

The Bengals are the real deal, but the Steelers will benefit from the 10-day rest following their Thursday night game against Tennessee. The Steelers eek this one out: 5-1

Week 8, 10/28: Redskins at Steelers

Does Pierre Garcon scare anyone as a feature receiver? I didn’t think so. RG3 or not, the Redskins don’t have enough. Steelers win: 6-1

Week 9, 11/4: Steelers at Giants

The Steelers head into the Meadowlands to take on the Super Bowl Champs… Pittsburgh will catch the Giants napping after playing their nemeses in Dallas the week before. Steelers win: 7-1

Week 10, 11/12: Kansas City at Pittsburgh (Monday Night Football)

With a national audience on Monday Night Football, new offensive coordinator Todd Haley will go out of his way to open up the playbook and embarrass the team that gave up on him. Steelers rout: 8-1

Week 11, 11/18: Ravens at Steelers

I love that the scheduling geeks in the NFL offices placed the Ravens matchups this far into the season, where the games will take on a playoff atmosphere. The Steelers win at home: 9-1

Week 12, 11/25: Steelers at Browns

What can I honestly say about the Browns? Steelers win: 10-1

Week 13, 12/2: Steelers at Ravens

The Ravens win in their house. Ray Rice is the reason, not the “best QB in the NFL” Joe Flacco. Ravens win: 10-2

Week 14, 12/9: Chargers at Steelers

The Chargers are a running joke throughout the regular season… and the joke became even less funny with the departure of Vincent Jackson. Steelers win: 11-2

Week 15, 12/16: Steelers at Cowboys

I was recently looked at sideways for stating this, but I think Tony Romo is on the verge of a Tom Brady-like season. Week 15 is a long way from the Steelers’ bye in Week 4 & I see Romo torching a tired Steelers D. Cowboys win: 11-3

Week 16, 12/23: Bengals at Steelers

As I stated above, the Bengals are for real. I think they’ll still be in the hunt for the division crown in Week 16 & they’ll make a big statement by beating the Steelers at Heinz Field. Bengals win: 11-4

Week 17, 12/30: Browns at Steelers

I still can’t think of anything to say about the Browns. Steelers win (and wrap up the division): 12-4

* Depending on when the Steelers bust out their crazy new throwback/alternate uniforms, I reserve the right to adjust my prediction accordingly. I have to believe that whichever team they face that day or night will be at a disadvantage if only because they will be hopelessly disoriented and nauseous.

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