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MLB: Pitchers Who Will Amaze in 2011

.500+ W-L%, 80+ IP, sub-3.20 ERA, 26 years old or younger (Post All-Star Break, 2010)

Daniel Hudson (White Sox, D-Backs): 2.07 ERA
Clay Buchholz (Red Sox): 2.20
Cole Hamels (Phillies): 2.23
Max Scherzer (Tigers): 2.47
Gio Gonzalez (A's): 2.59
Matt Cain (Giants): 2.91
Brett Anderson (A's): 2.98
Trevor Cahill (A's): 3.01
David Price (Rays): 3.09
Madison Bumgarner (Giants): 3.14

Some of these pitchers are well known from the postseason (Hamels, Cain, Bumgarner) and three of them could plausibly be included in the AL Cy Young discussion (Price, Cahill, Buchholz).  

It looks like the A's (81-81 in 2010) are loaded with a ton of quality young pitching and if they could start scoring some runs (they dropped from 759 in 2009 to 663 in 2010), they could be very dangerous in 2011 (maybe another Bay Area surprise?)

The biggest surprise is Daniel Hudson (started in A ball at the beginning of 2009) who was traded from the White Sox to the D-Backs at the deadline for Edwin Jackson, and it might be a trade that the Sox will regret. 

He had been less then inspiring in three starts for the White Sox before being traded (1-1, 6.32), but was one of the best pitchers in baseball after joining the D-Backs in late July (7-1, 1.69).

Another interesting pitcher is Max Scherzer, who can be dazzling, but hasn't been consistent enough until the last few months.  If he becomes the type of pitcher that people have been predicting, it could be an important part of the AL Central race.  Scherzer was stronger in August (1.29 ERA) than September (3.14 ERA), but it looks like he may have turned the corner and could emerge as a dominant pitcher in 2011.

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