Pistons Won’t Hire Isiah Thomas; Knicks Probably Will


Stop perpetuating the myth, Knicks fans -- you won’t rid yourself of the Isiah Thomas plague by pawning him off on the Detroit Pistons.

In a horrid economy where more and more people are struggling to find work, Thomas -- if you believe the reports -- is in the running for not just one, but two high-profile NBA gigs. The first appears to be Boss of Bosses of the New York Knicks, a position which some believe he’s unofficially held all along by virtue of the strings that stretch from his fingertips to James Dolan’s arms and legs.

The second, apparently, is a head coaching slot with the Pistons, the franchise with whom he established an impressive legacy that was all but forgotten when he became terrible at everything other than (a) being jealous of Michael Jordan and (b) inappropriate conduct in the workplace.

Luckily, the New York Post, Adrian Wojnarowski and common sense -- as in good judgment, not Sarah Palin’s worst fear -- are here to save the day and clear up any confusing details regarding Thomas’ true shot at ending up with Detroit.

Right off the bat, The Post has already reported that the Pistons are not considering Thomas for their vacant head coaching position. It appears as though Joe Dumars -- who will be staying on board with the team, contrary to some conflicting reports -- does not want to jeopardize his relationship with Thomas by letting his friend further ruin the franchise they helped bring to prominence in the late ‘80s.

That, coupled with Wojnarowski noting that the top candidates for the opening are “Kelvin Sampson, Mike Woodson and Lawrence Frank” should be enough to squelch the ridiculous rumor that Thomas would get anything more than a polite “no thanks” from Pistons brass if he inquired about an available opportunity.

And, finally, if all else fails, there is always common sense. Common sense tells us that nobody that isn’t named “James Dolan” -- and “Jim Buss,” probably -- would ever give Thomas even the slightest sliver of responsibility within the NBA ranks ever again.

So, where does that leave us? Pretty much exactly where we started. Thomas is persona non grata among everyone in the league who has seen him have the reverse Midas touch on anything that he could get his slippery, greasy little fingers on. On the other hand, the Knicks -- who courtesy of Donnie Walsh’s brilliance underwent an extraordinary transformation and still have the potential to be one of the truly great franchises in the association -- remain the frontrunners for Thomas’ services if he returns to the NBA.

Look on the bright side, though, Knicks fans. Mark Jackson wound up with the Warriors, didn’t he? Considering that ill-conceived choice is now unavailable, that just leaves only one more incompetent hire for you guys to dodge before being free and clear.

But we all know you can't resist Isiah Thomas.


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