NBA Draft Lottery Traditionally Not a Great Day for Warriors


By Joshua Russell

There are a couple of NBA-related events I look forward to every year as a Golden State Warrior fan.

One is the NBA Draft, which always brings hope. Another is the Vegas Summer League where we get to see our draft players in action and the sky is the limit (remember Marco Belinelli?). Finally, and actually chronologically first is the NBA Lottery, which usually offers a small glimmer of hope to Warriors fans that this will be the year they leapfrog and grab the number one spot.

This year holds as much promise and last year, and the year before and the year before that and so on... all the way back to 1995, which was the last time the Warriors moved up from the lottery. Have they moved down? Yes... 5 times since they moved up once. The rest of the times they stayed the same. Here's a quick recap at the amount of times they have moved up, down or stayed the same since 1985.

Moved UP: 3 times
Moved DOWN: 8 times
Stayed the SAME: 8 times

Here are a few highlights resulting in lottery movement
- In 1993, the Warriors were slated to pick #7, the moved up 4 spots to #3, drafted Anfernee Hardaway and traded him for Chris Webber. Yeah that was pretty good.
- In 1985, the Warriors were tied to pick #1, they dropped 6 spots and selected Chris Mullin at #7. 'Nuff Said
- In 1988, they were supposed to pick #3, moved down 2 spots to #5 and selected Mitch Richmond
- In 2001, they were supposed to pick #2, moved down 3 spots to #5 and selected Jason Richardson

So the moral is, no matter how many spots the Warriors move down... I mean, no matter where they end up, there is still hope. That's the beauty of the lottery. We'll see how they fare tomorrow... fingers crossed!


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