Pilar Sanders Claims Deion Choked Her During April 23 Altercation

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Deion and Pilar Sanders have gone through some tough issues. Now, Pilar claiming that the Hall-of-Famer abused her.

When speaking of the incident that took place on April 23, about a month ago, Pilar claims that Deion choked her.

Writes Pro Football Talk (per Examiner.com):

“[Deion] attacked me on the 23rd,” Pilar Sanders says. “I never attacked him. He choked me. It wasn’t the first time. He is a violent person. Anything that you see him say, my goodness, count it as a lie. I’m flabbergasted every time I see him do another media piece. It’s sickening.”

She says it wasn’t the first time Deion physically abused her.

“He did it in front of two of our producers on our show, Primetime Love,” Pilar Sanders said. “It’s so idiotic and it’s funny and it’s not funny. During the shooting of it, I have a very light personality, with that, there were a lot of parts that were just naturally funny and it just kinda happened. So he called shooting down and he called a meeting with myself and two producers from Los Angeles and we went to our back room where the sitting area is – he said ‘there has to be a good cop and a bad cop and there is only one comedian here and the comedian is me.’ I just started laughing and said, ‘Oh my God you are ridiculous’ and I say, ‘I can’t help it if I’m funnier than you.’ Then he leaped across the table and grabbed my neck and squeezed it to the point that I thought that he poked a hole in my trachea. The two producers didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t get him off of me. They couldn’t do anything so I started kicking him in his groin. That’s the only thing that got him off of me. . . . There were other times when he grabbed me and ripped jewelry.”

Per Examiner.com, Deion Sanders denies all allegations of abuse against Pilar Sanders.

Someone has to be lying here.

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