Photos: Yup, There Were Snipers at Super Bowl XLVI Between Patriots and Giants


M.I.A. might be a lot gutsier than we thought she was.

Over the last couple of days, a number of interesting photos have been circulating the web featuring sniper rifles being aimed at the football field where Super Bowl XLVI took place. Why were sniper rifles tucked away at Lucas Oil Stadium before the big game?

Nobody seems to actually have an answer for that.

Via CBS 12:

Even though we don’t know why there was a sniper’s nest at this year Super Bowl, we do now have an idea of who was making himself at home in it. According to the good folks at Business Insider:

Posted by U.S. Tactical Supply to their Facebook page last night.

The guys at U.S. Tactical in Oregon were in early and had no idea the photos were getting so much attention. They told us that the photos were taken by Alamo Four Star, the tripod manufacturer on which the XM 2010 is mounted. 

Alamo's president Mark Deros confirms the pictures are 100-percent "the real deal," but until he gets approval from his sources to reveal any further details, he's not saying anything else. He's supposed to call us back as soon as he hears back from his guys.

So there you go. It's all good, guys. The folks pointing deadly rifles at people in the cheap seats were pros.

Nothing to see here.

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