Photo: Tim Tebow’s GQ Jesus on a Cross Pose has Predictably Turned into a Story

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Anything and everything Tim Tebow does will inevitably turn into a major story. It’s just the way of the world. There is no point in complaining, there is no point in whining – coming to terms with it and accepting Tebow’s polarizing, media-magnet nature for what it is the only way to achieve tranquility in life.

The process as it pertains to a Tebow story generally goes something like this:

Step 1 -- Tebow does something.

Step 2 -- A few outlets cover it and make sure to note that other outlets will soon cover it, too.

Step 3 -- Idiots like me come running, we write about what happened, and then we point out that even more outlets will cover the story soon.

Step 4 -- Finally, everyone covers whatever happened, makes a big deal out of it, and Tebow wins the week once again.

It’s a tested formula that never fails. The end result of it going according to plan is everyone who covered the Tebow story then pretending like they’re sick of the kid, even though they (and by they I mean us and more specifically me) are the ones peddling the story in the first place.

With all that in mind, why mess up a good thing, right? Here is the latest non-story Tebow story.

Just in time for his birthday, GQ released a special Tebow-covered issue of their magazine. One of the pictures they include, as per Yahoo! Sports, features the world’s most famous backup shirtless, with his arms stretched out, and apparently doing the Jesus on a cross pose.

Check it out:

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Is it a big deal? Of course not. Will it become one anyway? Abso-freaking-lutely. (See how I said it was a non-story after writing a story on it?)

Photo Credit: Tucson Citizen

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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