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Photos: Tiger Woods, Steve Williams and the World’s Most Awkward Handshake

Tiger Woods and Steve Williams have a history that supersedes the magnitude of this year’s Presidents Cup, so nobody would have faulted them for skipping the customary handshakes. But they didn’t. To the delight of a cheering gallery, the two men did their best to put past differences aside and greet each other through their gritted teeth.

It was undoubtedly the most awkward handshake ever in the history of handshakes between human beings.

Once the pretend-friendliness was over and done with, Williams watched his guy Adam Scott (along with K.J. Choi) destroy Woods (and Steve Stricker) in one of the most lopsided match-play defeats Tiger has ever suffered.

Check out the photos of The Handshake below.

(Kudos to The Big Lead)


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