Photos: These San Antonio Spurs “Nasty” Shirts are Amazing


The San Antonio Spurs will play in the NBA Finals this year. They’ll likely take out the Oklahoma City Thunder in about five games, and then dismantle the Eastern Conference’s representatives in equally dominant fashion.

This may not be the most popular opinion in the world but, if your sole reason for tuning in to the NBA Playoffs from here on out is the unpredictability factor, you may as well stop watching. For all intents and purposes, San Antonio is your 2012 NBA champion.

Of course, if you’re not simply tuning in for the unpredictability factor – there’s plenty to enjoy about what’s left of the postseason. For one, the fact that the Spurs are putting on a masterful display of how fun and entertaining balling the right way can be. Also, to see how the team-oriented style that Gregg Popovich has made famous over the last decade looks when it inevitably goes head-to-head against the superstar-oriented style of the Miami Heat.

But if you want one really good reason to watch the remainder of the playoffs that has nothing to do with either the styles involved or the fundamentals displayed, there’s always the shirts.

That’s right, the Nasty shirts:

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(via LBS)

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(via LBS)

(via Spurs Nation)

(via Spurs Nation)

San Antonio: Come for the good basketball, stay for the Nasty.

Photo Credit: Alamo City

(Kudos Hot Clicks, Larry Brown Sports, Spurs Nation)

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