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Photos: These Racy Lauren Tannehill Shots Were Not for Maxim, Apparently

A couple of weeks ago, the internet was set ablaze when mildly racy photos of Lauren Tannehill, the superstar wife of that one backup Miami Dolphins quarterback, hit the web. Originally it was believed that the photos were part of a shoot conducted for Maxim magazine, however, Yahoo! Sports reports that this is not the case.

Either way, Lauren has become something of a web sensation over the last year, and new photos of her (regardless of which publication they end up in) are always appreciated. The 24-year-old aspiring model did the shoot with the always brilliant Roger Snider, and given the rave reviews they’ve gotten thus far, all involved have to be happy with their work.  

If Lauren’s name sounds familiar to you, it may be because she stole the show at the 2012 NFL Draft when the Dolphins selected her husband with the No. 8 overall pick. Well, scratch that – she and Matt Kalil’s mom stole that show.

Seeing as Hard Knocks will feature the Miami Dolphins this year, it’s probably a safe guess that we’ll be seeing a lot of the only Tannehill that anyone actually cares about in the foreseeable future.

Since we don’t know when and where these photos will officially appear, you can check out the ones that have been circulating on the interwebs over the past two weeks right here.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports, Roger Snider, lobshots)

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