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Photos: Stoke City's Jermaine Pennant Masters Subtlety with Chrome Aston Martin

Some people are into the whole flashy car thing – but clearly Stoke City midfielder Jermaine Pennant isn’t one of those people. No, for Pennant it’s all about blending in and keeping it subtle. How I do I know this? By observing him from a distance, of course.

Rather than blowing a ton of money on some shiny, expensive automobile, Pennant recently opted to take the conventional route and settle for an unnoticeable, run-of-the-mill $200,000 Aston Martin. Then, wanting his Average Joe-mobile to look even more as though it belonged to one of the masses than it originally did, he proceeded have it re-painted in chrome.

See if you can spot which car is his:

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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