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Photos: San Antonio Spurs Unveil New Alternate Uniforms

On the heels of the Brooklyn Nets’ new uniforms allegedly leaking, the San Antonio Spurs went ahead with the scheduled release of their new alternate uniforms. How does the new set look? Well, honestly, it looks exactly the way you would expect it to look.

The uniforms are plain. They’re silver and black. And they’re plain.

“We are introducing a new and unique Spurs jersey this coming season,” said Rick Pych, Spurs Sports & Entertainment President of Business Operations (via

“The new design simply features our iconic ‘spur’ logo and it is positioned over the heart as it has such enormously deep roots with our team, fans and the entire community. It’s the first-ever NBA jersey logo without any writing or peripheral design on the front of the jersey and we’re very glad to be introducing this new use of the classic icon of the Spurs to our fans.”

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What do you think: do these uniforms capture the Spurs’ inherent Spursness?

(Kudos, Dime)

Photo Credit: San Antonio Express News

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