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Photos: Nike Unveils Slick New Hyper Elite Platinum College Basketball Uniforms

The good folks at Nike took some time on Wednesday to roll out their brand new Hyper Elite Platinum uniforms for nine very special college basketball programs. The schools fortunate enough to get the “lightest basketball uniform” around at this early stage are all ones that have already won championships in Nike footwear and apparel (via Kentucky Sports Radio):

The programs donning the Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uniforms in 2012 include The University of Arizona, Baylor University (women’s), Duke University, University of Florida, University of Kentucky, Syracuse University, The University of Connecticut (men’s and women’s) and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

What makes these uniforms so special? Well, as noted in that same release:

Nike created the uniforms specifically for superior performance and lower environmental impact. The fabric of the Nike Hyper Elite Platinum shorts are made from 100 percent recycled polyester while the jersey fabric is made from at least 96% recycled polyester. Both short and jersey are tailored for the optimal efficiency of movement and are five percent lighter than the previous Nike Hyper Elite uniform.

Here are some photos of the uniforms via Complex:

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As noted by USA Today, you can for these new uniforms on the following dates:

UConn vs. Notre Dame (1/29), Kentucky vs. Tennessee (1/31), Duke vs. Maryland (2/11), Baylor (women's) vs. Texas A&M (2/11), Florida vs. Tennessee (2/11), Syracuse vs. USF (2/22), Arizona vs. UCLA (2/25), UConn (women's) vs. Notre Dame (2/27) and UNC vs. Maryland (2/29).

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