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Photos: As New York Giants Get Their Super Bowl Rings, Lawrence Taylor Looks to Sell His

The epic fail that has been Lawrence Taylor’s life after football was probably best epitomized by him pleading guilty to sexual misconduct with a 16-year-old back in 2011, but this latest development only further illustrates how far the one-time legend has fallen. As reported by Bloomberg, Taylor is now in the process of peddling his 1990 Super Bowl ring to whoever is willing to pony up the most dough. The auction began at $10,000, and rose to nearly $38,000 within 12 bids. Currently, the bidding stands at $67,000 after 17 bids.

The auction ends on Saturday.

Here is what the ring looks like (via):

Meanwhile, last year’s champion New Giants received their Super Bowl rings this week. Here is what will presumably be on the open market when these guys are hard-up for cash in 10 years:

Image placeholder title

(via SB Nation)

(via the Houston Chronicle)

The New York Giants circle of life is on full display in the photos above.

(Kudos to Bloomberg)

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