Photos: Maria Sharapova Got a Haircut, Looks Completely Different


Ever since she became a brand name, recognizable figure in women’s tennis, Maria Sharapova’s look has remained basically unchanged. Literally, if you look at her photos from 2004 when she was just 16, and then you compare them to photos of her as recently as a few weeks ago, her style and general appearance has consistently been the same.

Until now.

On Monday night, Sharapova caused something of a frenzy when she posted some new photos to her Facebook account. Photos where she looked completely different. 

Check it out:

Just for comparison’s sake, here is what she looked like before the haircut:

What’s the big deal about a simple haircut, you ask? Well, as of this very moment, about 10,000 people have offered a take on Sharapova’s Facebook about the new hairdo. We don't know what the big deal is, but clearly it is a big deal.

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