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Photos: L.A. Kings Decided to Give the Stanley Cup to this Amazingly Large Chested Woman

Every single year, Lord Stanley’s Cup gets awarded to the best team in hockey.

We get to see The Cup being handed to the winning players. We get to see them raise it in triumph. And then we get to see them skate it off the ice. What happens after that, though, is like something out of The Hangover movies.  

There are millions of stories out there regarding what The Holy Grail endures after a team takes it home, but very little actual evidence. Truth be told, we probably don’t know even half of the disgusting stuff that happens to it, on top of it and inside of it. And maybe that’s for the best.

Thanks to the good folks at TMZ, however, while we still don’t know all of what happens to The Cup, we do know who it hangs out with. Who does it hang out with? Little people and large chested women, apparently.

Via TMZ:

Image placeholder title
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Given the crowd in attendance during this year’s series between the Kings and New Jersey Devils, this isn’t entirely surprising.

(Kudos TMZ via Deadspin)

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