Photos: Jeremy Lin’s First Knicks Uniform Sells for $40,000 on eBay

Are you wondering whether or not Linsanity is for real? Do you suspect that maybe the media is overhyping just how much folks love New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin? If you’re one of the few remaining doubters out there, perhaps this will convince you: someone just paid $40,000 for Lin’s old uniform. Yes, you read that correctly, $40,000 for the uniform Lin wore on December 28 – his first game as a Knick.

Let’s take a moment and put that sort of money in perspective. If you were looking to purchase a mediocre condo in Los Angeles, it’d probably run you something in the $400,000 range. Probably a little higher, but let’s round down for the sake of easy math. If you wanted to responsibly purchase a $400,000 condo, you would theoretically put down 20 percent or $80,000.

So essentially, someone decided to drop the equivalent of half of a down payment for a condo in L.A. just to get the rights to Lin’s sweaty old gear from his first game as a Knick. A game, mind you, in which he played all of one minute and 28 seconds.

This is what a $40,000 uniform looks like (via eBay):

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title
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In five years this will either be the greatest collector’s item ever, or the most embarrassing waste of money in the history of stupid sports investments.

(Kudos to Darren Rovell for the find)

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