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Photos: Here is Matt Hendricks’ Ear in 2 Different Pieces (Warning: It’s Graphic)

You know the guy in your little group of friends that always says he’s not afraid to do anything? The one that pledges to do whatever wild and crazy thing you challenge him to because he’s ballin’ like that? Well, that guy is loser. But more importantly, we finally have something you can challenge him to that the goofball will probably refuse to do.

Have him stand strong while you try to zip a hockey puck past his ear. (Ed. Note: This is all strictly for entertainment purposes. Please don’t challenge your stupid friends to do this. Opposing Views is not responsible for idiots slicing their ears in half.) As Washington Capitals forward Matt Hendricks can attest to, it's not as easy as it sounds.

During a recent off-day, Hendricks was practicing with his teammates when he suddenly felt a sting on his right ear and began bleeding profusely. As it turns out, an Alex Ovechkin shot had ricocheted off some nearby glass and sliced his ear wide open. The end result? Well, it looked like this (Warning: Again, it’s gross and graphic)



As per Dump N’ Chase:

“It hit me and it was kind of surprising,” says Hendricks. “It felt like somebody came up and hit me in the head with a baseball bat. It stunned me. I realized I was bleeding and pain was setting in. I knew it wasn’t good. I was pretty upset. I was thinking of all the worst possible injuries I could have had and I was hoping that it wasn’t going to be that bad.”

Hendricks saying he was pretty upset is a slight understatement. He barreled his way toward the bench, loudly hurling invective along the way. He crashed his way through the door to the Capitals’ bench, and thundered down the tunnel leading to the Washington locker room, leaving spatterings of carmine in his wake.

So what have we learned today? That’s right, hockey is dangerous. And also that friends don't let friends go to ice rinks.

(Kudos to Dump N’ Chase for the find)

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