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Photos: Here is Kate Upton’s Leaked 2012 SI Swimsuit Issue Cover

It was supposed to be a secret until a big unveiling on Monday night, but as usual, the good folks at TMZ went and spoiled everything. Famous humanitarian, superhero, angel and goddess-in-training Kate Upton will be the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl. As she very well should be, mind you.

Here is what it’ll look like (via TMZ):

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This has undoubtedly been a very productive few days for our friends at SI. Don’t forget, just last Friday that also announced that U.S. Women’s Soccer superstar Alex Morgan will be doing a bodypaint feature for them in the near future. Here’s a taste of what that’ll look like:

And of course, as per our equal objectification policy, here are the standard clips of mostly naked David Beckham and topless Matt Light for all the ladies out there.

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