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Photos: Flo Rida Provides Carol City High School with Unique Football Uniforms

While it’s not official yet, 2012 will probably be remembered as The Year of the Interesting Sports Uniforms. Down the line: pro football, college football, pro basketball, college basketball – every single level of competition has been in the news for (in some people's eyes) ugly jerseys at one point or another.

Well, it’s time to add a new victim to a troublingly long list.

You will recall, a month or so ago, Atlantic High in Florida busted out the worst, most painful-to-look-at uniforms ever created – courtesy of a company called Futuristic Woo (via SB Nation):

Image placeholder title

An entire nation’s idea of ugly was one man’s idea of beauty, though. Apparently rapper Flo Rida was so enamored with Atlantic High’s gear that he actually sought out Futuristic Woo and asked them to design a little something up for his Carol City High School team, too.

The end result?

Amazing. It’s like every Flo Rida song ever made turned into a football uniform. Our condolences to the good folks in North Dade County who will have to avoid staring directly at their local team for fear of going blind.

(Kudos SB Nation)

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