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Photos: Do You Think the New Team USA Basketball Jersey is Ugly?

The 2012 Olympics are just around the corner. More importantly, though, the Olympics being just around the corner means that Team USA basketball is just around the corner.

In a lot of ways, Olympic basketball -- or more specifically, Team USA basketball -- is sort of what we all wish the NBA All-Star Game would be. It features an assortment of stars all playing on one side, fighting for one common cause, and putting on a show every night. Only unlike they constantly do in the All-Star game, nobody is in the Olympics is relaxing for the first two-thirds of the outing. Everyone, including the best of the best, is giving it 100 percent when national pride is on the line – and that’s why Olympic basketball is something every hoops fan looks forward to every four years.

Unfortunately, in 2012, Team USA will be making us all proud in just about the ugliest uniforms you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Seriously – they’re awful in every imaginable way. Don’t believe us? Well, the good folks at StupidDope were kind enough to put a few examples together.

Check it out:

We hate them, but that’s just us. What do you think: are you feeling this new style?

(Kudos to Nike Basketball for the heads up)

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