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Photo: Denver Nuggets Debut New Throwback Alternate Uniforms

Sometimes you should just leave the past in the past.

The Denver Nuggets are going to be one of the NBA’s most fascinating teams this year, no doubt about it. George Karl’s club was already a fun one to watch before this summer’s big trade, and the addition of Andre Iguodala only enhances their odds of making some serious noise.

Obviously the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers will dominate the conference just by virtue of the talent on their rosters, however, Denver could sneak into the third seed if all goes according to plan.

Unfortunately, the Nuggets’ prospects of challenging in the West isn’t what folks are talking about today. No, the topic of conversation as it pertains to this team centers soley around the awful uniforms they debuted.

Check it out:

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Look, paying homage to the 90s is great in theory, but there is a reason those styles didn’t actually enter the 2000s. That reason? Because they're ugly as hell.

According to CBS Sports, Denver will wear those unis 18 times this year – all at home. Our condolences to all the Nuggets fans who will need to figure out how to watch their team play without being able to stare directly at the players.

 (Kudos CBS Sports, B/R)

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