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Photos: Dennis Rodman Still Looks Like the Scariest Clown Ever

There is a case to be made that people overseas just don’t get Americans. They think we’re weird and peculiar in too many ways to even bother listing. It troubles us a little, I suppose, but then our ever-massive egos and Jersey Shore reruns inevitably make us feel good again.

Still, sometimes you can’t help but wonder what incites this sort of a response from the pesky foreigners. It just doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Ah, but it does. Case in point: Dennis Rodman’s recent showing at the US Pro-Ball Legend Asia Tour. For those unfamiliar with the tour, it’s basically an assortment of hoops oldies huffing-and-puffing their way up and down the court, praying that they don’t collapse of exhaustion too far away from their wheelchairs.

Well, in our infinite wisdom, we sent Rodman to represent the red, white and blue this time around. Here are some photos that the good folks from Sports Grid were able to gather from Rodman’s exhibition outing in Macao this past Sunday. And no, none of them have been photoshopped.

If you’re glutton for more punishment or want to scare your kids, there are more photos of Rodman available over at Sports Grid.

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