Photos: Crazy Baseball Fan Has Tattoos of Every MLB Mascot

There are two levels of diehard sports fandom: sane and insane. Sane diehard sports fans get angry when folks badmouth their team and are unrealistically optimistic about their squad’s shot at winning the championship every year. Insane diehard sports fans, on the flip side, will kill you for badmouthing their favorite team. Not kill as in viciously berate you, by the way. No, kill as in take your life.

Now, take a wild guess at which group of diehard fandom 28-year-old Benjamin Christensen falls into. He has every MLB mascot around tattooed on his body. Yup, seriously. Here is a photo, via Larry Brown Sports (via Off The Bench):

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All things considered, this isn’t as bad as the guy  with the Tim Tebow tattoo. Right?

There is currently a competition going on over at MLB Fan Cave among a bunch of equally crazy baseball fans, presumably to select the most insane one. Head on over to the site, try not to vote for the pretty girl whose video is front and center, and vote for Christensen. Dude’s put in the work, he clearly deserves the W.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports for the find)

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