Photos: Chris Kaman Seems to Have Killed a Bobcat to Intimidate the Charlotte Bobcats


The 5-34 Charlotte Bobcats are an embarrassingly awful team. Whereas intimidation tactics may be sort of beneficial when you’re taking on a legitimate basketball opponent, the only thing you need to do in order to scare the Bobcats is simply remind them that they are in fact the Bobcats.

Nevertheless, New Orleans Hornets center Chris Kaman decided to go the extra mile in preparation for his squad’s upcoming Monday battle versus arguably the worst team in the league.

What exactly does that mean?

Check it out for yourselves (via Twitter):

Just wait until New Orleans plays the Washington Wizards. At that point, an emotionless Kaman will probably take a picture of himself holding the lifeless corpse of the guy who plays Harry Potter.

(Kudos to The Basketball Jones for the find)

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